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Gwennap OPC

Cemetery, Graves, Graveyard, Monument

Gwennap Burials  1847

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 

Page 1229



Catherine LEAN, of Carnmarth, 88 yrs., 1st January

Ann SKEWES, of Carnmarth, 89 yrs., 1st Jan

Ann ANNEAR, of Carnmarth, 67 yrs, 4th Jan

page 1230

Nicholas PENROSE, of Caharrack, 32 yrs., 7th Jan

Lydia Jane HARRIS, of Twelve Head, 2 yrs., 15th Jan

Harriet EUSTACE, of Carrharack, 7 yrs., 15th Jan

Elizabeth Jeffery MARTIN, of Penance, 16 months, 15th Jan

Henry BARGWENNA, of St Gluvias, 75 yrs., 17th Jan

Ann PHILLIPS, of Penance, 63 yrs, 25th Jan

Robert STEPHENS, of Stair Foot, 63 yrs., 28th Jan

Jane GREGOR, of St Day, 74 yrs., 31st Jan


Richard COLLINS, of Baldhu, 23 yrs., 1st February

Jane MESSER, of Twelve Heads, 43 yrs., 1stFeb

Richard BENNETTS, of Near Carharrack, 8 months, 4th Feb

Augustus MORCOM, of Carnmarth, 58 yrs., 7th Feb

William LEAN, of Caharrack, 23 yrs., 17th Feb

Jane TREWARTHA, of Ninnis, 5 yrs., 18th Feb

Luke MESSER, of Twelve Heads, 54 yrs., 19th Feb

Mary OPPEY, of Carnmarth, 84 yrs, 20th Feb

page 1231

Samuel James, of Pennance, 49 yrs., 24th Feb

Richard TREGONNING, of Carnmarth, 48 yrs., 25th Feb

Caroline MARTIN, of Pennance, 7 yrs., 27th Feb


Dennis MURPHY, of Carharrack, 6 yrs., 2nd March

Joanna HOLMAN, of Pennance, 67 yrs., 8th Mar

John THOMAS, of Baldhu, 6 yrs, 8th Mar

Mary Ann CORNISH, of Treviskey, 24 yrs., 9th Mar

Ann BRAY, of Poldice, 83 yrs, 10th Mar

Henry IVEY, of Church Town, 70 yrs., 12th Mar

Jane RICHARDS, of Carharrack, 57 yrs., 18th Mar

Margaret BLAMEY, of Crofthandy Corner, 54 yrs., 21st Mar

Helen Louise PRYOR, of Lannar, 2 yrs., 22nd Mar

Jane MARTIN of Lannar, 70 yrs., 30th Mar

Peggy YOUNG, of Merry Meeting, 78 yrs, 31st March


William ODGERS, of Trewsdoer Water, 9 yrs., 2nd April

Nanny IVEY, of Church Town, 46 yrs, 9th April

page 1232,

Mary WILLIAMS, of Cusgarne, 40 yrs., 12th April

Amelia COLLINS, of White Stile, 8 yrs., 13th April

John KNEEBONE, of Lanner, 49 yrs, 13th April

Susan VINCENT of Lanner Green, 31 yrs, 14th April

Catherine HARVEY, of St Day, 81 yrs., 18th April

Samuel BEAR, of Tresavean, 17 yrs, 21st April

Catherine TREBILCOCK, of Carharrack, 82 yrs., 28th April


Richard BENNETTS, of Carharrack, 18 yrs, 2nd May

Philip MORCOM, of GORDON, 61 yrs., 4th May

Elisha FRANCIS, of Carharrack, 25 yrs, 4th May

Mary Ann SCOBLE, of Poldice, 4 yrs, 5th May

Thomas William PHILLIPS, of Bustruthalel, 7 yrs, 10th May

Thomas NICHOLS, of Trewarth Lane End, 64 Yrs, 16th May

Mary BAWDEN, of Union House, 25 yrs, 19th May

Solomon HOLMAN, of Union House, 36 yrs, 21st May

Elizabeth GREY, of Lanner, 15 yrs, 23rd May

page 1233,

Ellen BRAY, of Little Trevince, 2 yrs, 24th May

Sarah Ann HANCOCK, of Gwennap Moor, 64 yrs, 26th May

Sarah MICHELL, of Sunny Corner, 6 yrs, 30th May


Annie Maria PASCOE, of Lanner, 4 months, 1st June

James LEAN, of Gordon, 26 yrs, 5th June

Patience AXFORD, of St Day, 65 yrs, 11th June

Joanna CORNISH, of Frogpool, 41 yrs, 12th June

William FRANCIS, of Carharrack, 18 yrs, 13th June

Elizabeth TREBILCOCK, of Carharrack, 77 yrs, 24th June

Mary LEAN, of Lanner, 55 yrs, 26th June

Margaret GIDLEY, of Cusgarne, 26 yrs, 29th June


Arraminta MARTIN, of Higher Tresathan (?), 56 yrs, 4th July

Harriett WILLIAMS, of Carharrack, 31 yrs, 4th July

John WHITFORD of Rough Street, 62 yrs, 7th July

Kester PHILLIPS, of Crofthandy Yard, 50 yrs, 11th July

Susan MILLS, of Lanner, 5 months, 11th July

page 1234,

Mary SPARGO, of Redruth Union House, 25 yrs, 13th July

Ellen PAINTER, of Cusvey, 2 yrs, 15th July

Thomas CROCKER, of Pennance, 1 yr, 16th July

John GREY, of Cusgarne Common, 46 yrs, 19th July

Henry MORCOM, of Crofthandy, 78 yrs, 23rd July

Digory MORCOM, of near Frogpool, 43 yrs, 24th July

Grace ROBERTS, of Carharrack, 67 yrs, 25th July

Isabella BUZZA, of Carharrack, 55 yrs, 27th July


William ANGOVE, of Carharrack, 44 yrs, 4th August

Jane LEAN, of Redruth Union House, 62 yrs, 5th August

John WILLIAMS, of  Carharrack, 47 yrs, 10th August

John Henry CROCKER, of Truro, 2 yrs, 10th August

Nancy BRAY, of near Frogpool, 54 yrs, 11th August

Grace KENDALL, of Trewarth, 63 yrs, 16th August,

Richard WHITBURN, of BUSVEAL, 28 yrs, 26th August

Agnes ROWE, of Carharrack, 27 yrs, 29th August

page 1235,

Ann MORCOM, of Carharrack, 48 yrs, 29th August

Jane SAMPSON, of Sunny Corner, 65 yrs, 29th August

Pernel HOSKING, of Carharrack, 67 yrs, 29th August


Elizabeth THOMAS, of Carharrack, 72 yrs, 1st September

Grace DAVEY, of Lanner, 42 yrs, 10th September

John TREGONNING, of Carharrack, 67 yrs, 13th September,

Elizabeth JOHNS, of Busveal, 6 yrs, 14th September, 

Philip BLAMEY, of Cusgarne, 72 yrs, 16th September

William Francis TIDDY, of Near Bissoe Bridge in Kea Parish, 18 months, 19th September

Jane HARVEY, of Cusgarne Common, 15 yrs, 20th September,

William Henry NINISS, of Kea, 10 yrs, 23rd September

William Hodge JEFFERY, of Carharrack, 11 yrs, 25th September

Anthony CORNISH, of Kea, 52yrs, 27th September

Mary Ann MARTIN, of Busveal, 23 yrs, 30th September


William John, WILLIAMS, of Tregullow, 19yrs, 3rd October

Sophia BLAMEY, of Carharrack, 63yrs, 20th October

page 1236,

Joan MICHELL, of Trevethan, 93yrs, 7th November

Joseph, GOLDSWORTHY, of Treskirby, 58yrs, 7th November

Richard, CARBIS, of Crofthandy, 1yr, 7th November,

Henry MARTIN, of Sunny Corner, 52yrs, 9th November

Grace TREGILGAS, of Redruth Union, 84yrs, 12th November

John FAULL, of Carharrack Common, 11yrs, 19th November

Jane MARTIN, of Pennance, 6yrs, 30th November


Sarah GREGOR, of St Austell, 93yrs, 2nd December,

Elizabeth BILKEY, of Tresamble Downs, 52yrs, 5th December

John MANLEY, of Trehaddle, 53yrs, 11th December,

Charles HAWKE, of St Day, 53yrs, 25th December

Richard MARTIN, of Higher Trevethan, 54yrs, 30th December


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