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Gwennap OPC

Cemetery, Graves, Graveyard, Monument

Gwennap Burials  1848

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598

Page 1236



Michael Lean ROWE, of Carharrack, 1yr, 2nd January

Joseph MICHELL, of Sperry Bottom, 34yrs, 2nd January

Richard WILLIAMS, of Carharrack, 2yrs, 2nd January

Ann JORY, of Treworth, 21yrs, 2nd January

page 1237,

Alice Webster LAWN, of Carnmarth, 9 months, 3rd January,

John RICKARD, of Carnmarth, 8 months, 5th January

Henry TREWARTHA, of Tresamble Downs, 18yrs, 9th January, 

Mary Ann PERROW, of Union House, 24yrs, 9th January

Mary Jane BRAY, of Lannarth Moor, 2yrs, 10th January,

Elizabeth Jane PASCOE, of Cusgarne, 4yrs, 12th January,

William DARLINGSTONE, of Kea, 6 months,  12th January,

William TREGONNING, of Higher Trewedna, 71 yrs, 13th January

Thomas Henry BOSENQUET, of Carnkie, 21yrs, 13th January

Felly TREWARTHA, of Rough House, 93yrs, 14th January

Thomas MORCOM, of Sunny Corner, 42yrs, 16th January

Michael JOB, of Lanner, 39yrs, 18th January

Susan Ann GREY, of Carnmarth, 4yrs, 19th January

James SPARGOE, Truro Union, 62yrs, 23rd January

Caroline Jane COLLINS, of Carharrack, 1yr, 24th January

Frances JENKIN, of Carharrack, 9 months, 27th Jan

page 1238


James Henry SMITHEN, of Trevarth Lane End, 9 months, 6th February,

Tipporah TREVERTA, (?) of Tresamble Downs, 7yrs, 8th February

Thomas NINNIS, of Consols Mine, 15yrs, 8th February

Edmund MICHELL, of Trevesky, 64yrs, 11th February

Mary xxxxx, of Carnkeest, 36yrs, 11th February

John Francis GREGOR, of Carharrack, 2yrs, 11th February

Grace LEAN, of Sperry Bottom, 77yrs, 13th February,

John TREGONNING, of Lanner Moor, 48yrs, 14th February

This entry is the last in the parish registers for Gwennap, from this date all burials were recorded under the new system by the Registrars.


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