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Gwennap Burials  1658 - 1665

Transcribed by George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Film No.
Harris, Edward September 25th
Gregor, Pascaus wife of John November 20th
Pafford, s of Addam January 9th
Treleigh, John s of James January 16th
Mager, James s of James January 29th
Spargoe, Alice widdow February 17th
Tregose, Luce Mrs. February 18th
Michel, Rachell d of Nicholas February 24th
Michell, Susan d of Nicholas February 27th
Thomas, Katheren d of John March 27
James, Agnes widdow March 27th
Bear, Richard April 4th
Painter, Sarah d of Ffrancis April 27th
James, Betteres d of John April 30th
Stephens, Mark s of John May 8th
Bray, Constance d of Walter May 14th
Dinnys, George s of George May 17th
Pearse, Oliver May 20th
Niclass, James May 26th
Priddie, Margarett January 13th  *
Lory, child of John June 6th
Jake, Grace wife of  John July 6th
James, Alice wife of Edmond July 25th
Trewartha, Collan July 29th
Niccoll, Stephen, in Pearran** August 24th
Bray, Tamsyn wife of Ambrose October 13th
Tregonning, Alice d of Collan November 15th
Boddy, Ann November 15th
Jenkyn, Jane December 3rd
Bray, Marten w. December 14th
Nowell, child of William December 16th
Lavann, William in Stethyans December 19th
Pokeinhorn, Elizabeth widdow January 14th
Dennys, George January 16th
Holman, Herchelus s of Nathaniell January 21st
Raw, Amy January 21st
Dennys, Grace w. January 23rd
Raw, John January 27th
Williams, Edward s of Thomas February 7th
Drake Ann d of William February 21st
Uryn, Symonn February 22nd
Paffatt, Herchelus s of Edmund March 8th
Uryn, Elizabeth d of Clement Uryn March 15th
Gregor, Alice wife of Thomas March 16th
Oats, Catherine March 21st
Brook, Mary wife of Anthony March 29th
Crips, Edward March 26th
Pafford s of Addam March 26th
Pokinhorne, d of Richard April 10th
Monday, child of John April 14th
Braye, Catherine d of Ambrose May 3rd
Sandoe, Jane d of John May 16th
Pawly, Bettress widdow June 14th
Sampson, Charles s of Petter June 28th
Staddern, Ellynor widdow July 16th
Crowayer, s of James July 20th
Lory, Rachell, wife of John July 28th
Meryne, Mary d of John August 2nd
Leverton, Thamsyn widow August 20th
Pearce, Julyan wid September 6th
Oats, Elizabeth d. Joseph September 10th
Treweek, Sidwell d of Marke October 15th
Heagoe, Edmond October 15th
Eallys, Henry October 17th
Walsly, Hoope d of George October 24th
Leverton, John November 1st
Richards, Mary d of  Nicholas December 22nd
Kent, child of Michall December 10th ?
ffrancis, Mary wid. December 27th
Bray, Jane d. Anthony January 14th
Michell, Christine wid. February 16th
Petherick, Joseph February 27th
Moyle, George s of George March 3rd
Bray, Stephen s of John March 16th
Bray, ffrancis s of Marten March 23rd
Paffatt, Elizabeth wid. April 9th
Elllis, Kathern wid. April 18th
Michell, child of Anthony April 23rd
Niclas, Elizabeth April 27th
Pafford, child of Addam May 4th
Phillipps, Darothy d of John May 7th
Greep, John May 8th
Burton, child of Anthony May 20th
Spargoe, Joshua s of Robert May 25th
Sampson, Thomas June 5th
Harris, Jane wife of John June 18th
Spargoe, Alice d of Arthur July 1st
Small, Mary d of William July 7th
Pokinhorne, James s of Richard August 11th
Nickell, Elizabeth August 17th
Oats, child of Joseph October 10th
Trewols, James Gent October 19th
Bennetts, Ju**, John December 16th
Bawden, Lambartt December 22nd
ffrancis d of Archolus January 2nd
Payne, Melson January 19th
James, Elizabeth d of Edmond February 5th
Griggor, child of Richard February 16th
Brooke, Anthony March 4th
Lander, Susan wife of Christopher March 5th
Trewartha, Mary d of William March 30th
Tom, Collan s of John April 30th
Harris, John s of John May 6th
Jeffery, Arthur May 22nd
Cock, Hoop d of John May 26th
Raw, ffrancis June 16th
Sarah, Charles July 1st
Pafford, Addam July 31st
Heyes, Julyan August 11th
Launder, Christopher August 15th
Burton, James s of Anthony October 19th
Manuell, wid. of James October 26th
Bawden, John, s  of Edmond November 13th
Rule, John s of Anthony November 23rd
Oats, Sidwell d of John November 24th
Trewartha, Collan s of Robert December 11th
Mager, Sollomon, s of James December 13th
Niccoll, Alice d of Collan December 18th
Polzew, Sarah wife of Richard January 3rd
Walsly (Wasly) Milson wife of William January 18th
Symmon, John January 27th
Williams, d of John February 7th
Saunders, Niccoll wife of John January 4th
Sandoe, Moatee d of John January 5th
Raw, Mary, d of John January 9th
Lewerren, Cathern wid. March 23rd
Leanby, John March 7th
Sampson, Marten s of Peter April 5th
Bray, Eddy s of John April 10th
Blaett, Michell [ Bluett, Mighell of Bodmin] May 9th
Bawden Mary d of Edmond May 11th
Renfre, Richard s of Joseph May 16th
Band [bond], Jur, Michaell,  s of John June 15th
Pokinhorne, child of Ambrose June 24th
Whytinge, Wineffred August 24th
Roch, Ann wid. August 25th
Bawden, Anthony September 28th
Carthew, Blanch October 1st
Leane, Mary d of John October 21st
Roberts, George s of John November 18th
Manuell  Elly November 27th
Walsly, Elizabeth d of Abell December 5th
Griggor, Hugh s of John December 26th
Cock, James s of John December 27th
Manuell Thomas December 30th
Niclas, Mary d of Collan December 30th
Niclas, Jane d of  Collan January 6th
Crago, Milson d of John January 10th
Braye, Mary d of Walter January 24th
Niclas, Jan widdow January 25th
Carlean, Elizabeth d of William February 3rd
Niccoll, Michael s of Richard February 18th
Treleigh, James February 22nd
Spargor, Sara d of Robert March 1st
Tregonnyn, Loar d of Michaell March 29th
Trewron, Moate Wife of Gabrell April 2nd
Roch, Richard s of Ellyas April 5th
Stephens,  child of Edward April 11th
Williams, Nicholas s of John April 12th
Pokinhorne, Elizabeth d of Ambrose April 16th
Braye, John s of John April 20th
Cornish, John May 18th
Drew, Thomas May 24th
Drake Mr., John  s of William July 1st
Treggonyn, Richard s of John  July 10th
Rannalds, Diggery s of Thom July 14th
Renfree, Christopher s of Joseph July 15th
Launder, Susanna August 18th
Trewolah, Mrs. Susanna wid August 24th
Williams, Rebecka d of Richard August 31st
Oasts, Richard s of Marke September 11th
Jeffrey, John s of Anthony September 14th
Paynter, Edward s of Archules October 5th
Leane, John s of John October 5th
Carlean,  s of Vernan October 15th
Bray, Marten October 19th
Griggor, Catheren d of John November 14th
Williams, John November 18th
Gabriell, Alice November 18th
Heard, Snr. Abell November 22nd
Staddan,  s of Walter November 17th
Webb, Edward December 9th
Bond, John s of John January 30th
Whitford,  child of Robert February 24th
Veale, Margery wife of Philip February 28th
Cornish, Mary d of William March 12th
Rannle, Thomas March 15th
Rapsey Jnr, John March 22nd
Ambrose, John s of Daniell March 30th
Niclas, James s of ffrancis April 19th
Jeffery, Cheryty widdow April 19th
Cocke, Herchelus s of John April 20th
Michell, Margery widdow April 25th
Bray, George s of Ambrose May 10th
Allen, Ellyner widdow May 15th
Hayn, William s of Nicholas May 18th
Roch, Elizabeth wife of Elias June 11th
Sampson, Christian August 22nd
Morkom, Mary d of James September 5th
Nowell, Dennys wife of Richard September 10th
Brooke, Elizabeth September 14th
Bond, Temperence d of John Jnr. September 18th
Webb,  s of Edmond October 7th
Walsly, Melson d of William November 14th
Odgier, John  s of John November 27th
Baker, Jone widdow December 26th
Roman, Temperance d of John December 31st
ffrancis, Thomas s of John January 14th
Bray, Honnor d of William February **
A child of a wandering man February 19th
Veale, Christopher February 27th
Sara, Thomas February 27th
Manuell, Jane March 7th
Rawlinge, Jane d of Phillip March 8th
Crowsher, Cadelia d of James March 13th
Woats, Edward March 14th
Hollman s & d of Nathanyell March 15th
Kent, Jane wife of William March 23rd

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