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Cemetery, Graves, Graveyard, Monument

Gwennap Burials  1666

Transcribed by George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Nowell, Richard March 27th
Thomas, Roger April 2nd
Cock, William s of John April 12th
James, William s of Edmond April 14th
Staddon,  d of Walter April 1st
Nowell, Christopher s of Hugh April 20th
Trewren, Ellynor d of Thomas April 29th
Harris, Richard s of Zacharias May 4th
Paskow, Jane d of Archelus May 5th
Richards, John  s of John May 7th
Oats, Phellep d of Joseph May 10th
Tregonning, Phillip s of Lambert May 17th
Conghan, Elizabeth wife of Hugh May 29th
Niccoll, Lucey d of Richard May 29th
Bande, John April 16th
Richards, Margarett d of Archelus April 21st
Pascow Snr., William April 27th
Barrett, Petter May 2nd
Rawlinge Sydwell,  wife of Phillip May 13th
Drake Mr., William Minister May 18th
Rawe, John May 18th
Best, Durcus May 26th
Nowell, James s of Hugh June 11th
Holman. Anthony s of Nathaniell June 18th
Tregonning, Richard s of Lambert June 18th
Treweek, Bennett June 24th
Sampson, Alice widdow July 1st
Dunstone, Wilmett wife of Hugh July 9th
Jennyns, Mary d of Samuell August 4th
Robberts, Thomas September 5th
Rawlinge, Jone, d of Phillip September 8th
Tregonninge, Nicholus September 14th
Bray, Ambrose s of James December 12th
Harry, Hugh  s of John December 6th
James, Jenkyn December 7th
Spargo, Jane d of Robert December 17th
Sampson, Rachell wife of Edmond January 5th
Tregonninge, John s of Collan February 2nd
Niccol, Cathern  d of James February 3rd
Jeffery, Martin s of Richard March 1st
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