Miners of Gwennap Mentioned in the 1842 Royal Commission REPORT by CHARLES BARHAM, Esq., on the Employment of Children and Young Persons in the Mines of Cornwall and Devonshire, and on the State, Condition and Treatment of such Children and Young Persons.

Transcribed by Sandra Pritchard

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TRESAVEAN, Copper Mine.

Examined March 23rd., 1841

Henry Francis, 16 years old.

Thomas Dunstan, 1years old

James Orby, about 18 years old.

Henry Vincent, 18 years old.

James Stevens, 15 years old.

William Richards, 18 years old.

John Tresidder, 18 years old.

James Stevens, 40 years old.

Abraham Harris, 54 years old.

Mary Ann Roscorla, 12 years old.

Jane Uren, 16 years old.

Mary Johns, 14 years old.

Elizabeth Karkeek, 18 years old.

Richard Uren, 11 years old.

Joseph Odgers Vincent, 14 years old.

Elisha Williams, 27 years old

John Crougy, 44 years old.

Tresavean Mineworkers: Examined  March 10th. 1841 in TRURO

Richard Burrows, 26 years old.

Eliza Allen, 20 years old.

Benjamin Sarah, 23 years old

Charles Burnet, 36 years old.

Charles Oates, 41 years old.

Anna Wasley, 20 years old.

Sally Fall, 19 years old.

Paul Trewartha, 43 years old

James Harper, 38 years old

Tresavean mineworkers: Examined March 20th.1841 in REDRUTH

Mr George Harris.

John Young, 50 years old.

Mr. Thomas Stevens, 45 years old.

William Bosanko, 47 years old.

Mr Richard Carpenter, 30 years old.

Stephen Davey, Esq.

J.P. Magor, Esq.

Tresavean mineworkers: examined o March 24th. 1841 at Truro

Henry Trevethan, 50 years old

James Thomas, 25 years old.

Eliza Evans, 17 years old.

Fanny Francis, 17years old.

Jane Sandow, 17 years old.



Consolidated Mines, Copper Mine: 

 Martha Buckingham, 14 years and one month old.

Mary Verran, 14 years and 10 months old Mines

Elizabeth Curnow, 24 years old.

Christina Pascoe, 17 years 4 months old

William Trethewy, 13 years old.

Elisha Morcom, 13 years 6 months old.

Richard Jeffrey, 9 years and 1 month old.



Trethellan: Copper Mine

Examined Trethellan, March 6th 1841

John Henry Martin, 12 years and 8 months old.

Samuel Tippet, 10 years and 7 months old.

William Harris, 15 years old. March 6th., 1841

Thomas Knuckey Martin, 14 years and 2 months old.

Grace Bowden, 17 years and 9 months old.

Martha Williams, 11 years and 5 months old.


Carnon Consols Mine, Tin Mine. Examined March 30th. 1841

Mr. Nicholas Sampson Cloak, 31 years of age.

Charles Manuel, 16 years old.

 Examined at Camborne, April 23rd., 1841

Mr. Phillips?     Rev. Samuel Dunn. ?

These last two, Mr PHILLIPS and REV.  S DUNN might have been examined as a comparison of workers underground:  no ages given ?

Tresavean Mine, near Lanner, worked through much of the 18th century, is said to have already produced over 1,500,000-worth of copper ore. In the 1830s it is for a while the third largest copper producer in Cornwall, employing over 1300 people. By 1860 another 1,500,000-worth of ore has been sold. Working finally ends in 1927. From 1819 to 1840 the Consolidated Mines of Gwennap, worked as a number of smaller concerns from the 1750s, are the richest of all the Cornish copper mines, and for many years richest of the whole world. Ores to the value of 2,250,000 are sold. By 1838 63 miles of underground workings have been driven, and the mine employs 2000 persons.