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Book, Candle, Glasses, Spectacles

Taken from the 

Directory of Redruth & District 1866

Description of the parish

Parish Officers

Church & Chapel


 Mechanics' Literary Institute

The Gwennap Horticultural Society

Freemasons at St Day 

St Day Cricket Club

Gwennap Pit

Names, Occupations and Address of Residents

Gwennap is a parish situate on the road leading from Falmouth to Redruth, and lying on the right between Redruth and Chasewater. It is bounded on the east by the parishes of Kenwyn and Kea, on the west by Stithians, on the north by Redruth and on the south by Perran-ar-worthal.

The inhabitants of Gwennap numbering (in 1861) 10,537, are principally tin and copper miners, with a few gentry, and a fair sprinkling of shopkeepers, farmers and mechanics.


The parish officers are 

Inspector of Nuisances: James Kinsman, St Day

Assistant Overseer & Vestry Clerk: Henry Morcom, Sunny Corner.

Relieving Officer: Jonathan Bawden, St Day.


The Church of Gwennap is a very old stone building, which has been repaired and considerably beautified in the interior during the past few years. The living is a vicarage, value £425 yearly with residence, and 69 acres of glebe land, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Exeter. The Rev. Saltren Rogers is the Vicar, and the Rev. John D. Hurden is the curate. The Church wardens are Mr John Hawken of Trevarth and Mr Phillip Blamey of Cusgarne.

St Day is an ecclesiastical division or chapelry of Gwennap, having a modern Church, in the Gothic style of architecture, thee living is a perpetual Curacy, worth £170 yearly, in the gift of the vicar of Gwennap. The Rev. John Bannister is the incumbent.

Lanarth is also a chapelry of Gwennap, having a chapel of Ease at Lanner, the Rev. John Tucker is the curate.

The Wesleyans have chapels at Carharrack, St Day, Lanner, Sunny Corner, Frogpool, Twelveheads, Crofthandy, and Todpool. The present ministers are the Rev. Samuel Brown, residing at Carharrack, and the Rev. Benjamin Smith residing at Ponsanooth. The Primitive Methodists and Bible Christians have small chapels here. The Rev. H Wheeler of St Day, and the Rev. J Coles of Hicks' Mill, are the respective ministers.

The old Baptist Chapel at St Day, which was in a dilapidated state for many years, has been purchased by the Temperance Society; it is now called the Temperance Hall, and is frequently used for lectures and meetings of the Teetotal and Band of Hope Societies. The members of the Literary Institution, St Day, also have their readings and lectures delivered in the Temperance Hall.

The officers of the Society are: Mr W.H. Richards of St Day (Secretary) and Mr F Terrill, Vogue (Treasurer). 


There are national schools at the Church Town, the boys are taught by Mr John Veal Roberts and the girls by Mrs Gower. There is also a national school at Cusgarne which is mixed and where Mrs Marshal is in charge. A church service is performed by the vicar and curate of Gwennap on Sunday evenings and once during the week. There is likewise in connection with the church at St Day a free school at Carnmarth, patronized by Miss Williams of Tregullow.

Mechanics Literary Institute

The Parish Institute, called the Mechanics' Literary Institute, is at Carharrack. The Institution Room is a comfortable, neat, and pretty hexagonal building, erected in the year 1841, the cost being defrayed by public subscription. The Library contains about 500 volumes of various classics, many of which were kindly contributed by Sir Charles Lemon, Bart., the Rev. Prependary Ford, The Messrs. Williams, and others. There are two cases of valuable mineral and other specimens, worthy of inspection od scientific gentleman, who can always be admitted by applying to the Curator Mr James Halse, Carharrack. The room is open every evening from seven to ten o'clock, for classes, perusal of papers, &c, &c. Papers, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Penny readings and lectures are given alternately on Monday evenings during the winter.

The building is held under certain conditions by life trustees, the business of the institute is conducted by a committee of Management; elected by ballot half-yearly. 

The Rev. S. Rogers  - president.

Mr John Hawken of Trevarth -Vice-president 

Mr John Rooke of Carharrack - Treasurer

Mr John Trenerry of St Day - Secretary

Mr James Halse of Carharrack - Curator

A Government Science class is held on Tuesday evenings at 7 o'clock. 

Teacher - Mr J.V. Roberts

Secretary - Mr W. Corfield of St Day

Penny Readings are given in the School-room at Lanner, on alternative Tuesday evenings.

The Gwennap Horticultural Society

The Gwennap Horticultural Society has been established eight years. It holds its annual meetings and show, in August, on the grounds of William Williams, Esq., Tregullow, when prizes are given for the best displays of fruits, flowers and vegetables, and to cottagers   for the most productive and best cultivated garden. The officers in 1866 were:

Patron - Mr William Williams Esq.

President - The Rev. Saltren Rogers of Gwennap Vicarage

Secretary - Mr E. T. Newton of St Day


There is a fraternity of Freemasons at St Day known as the Tregullow Lodge. The officers in 1866 were as follows:

Worshipful Master - Bro. Edmund Michell, jun.

Past Master - Bro E. H. Hawke, jnr

Senior Warden - Bro Josiah Ralph

Junior Warden - Bro. John Michell

Chaplain - Bro. Rev. John Bannister

Treasurer - Bro. John Burgess

Secretary - Bro. George Michell

Senior Deacon - Bro. Richard Skinner

Junior Deacon - Bro Thomas Hawke

Organist - Bro Thomas Cara

Inner Guard - Bro Joseph Jewell

Stewards - Bro. John Grefell, and Bro. Thomas Trewartha

Tyler - Bro. Stephen R. Trebilcock


President - Mr Edward Hawke, jnr of Tregullow

Vice President - Mr G.W. Michell M.R.C.S.

Captain - Mr T Michell

Secretary - Mr J.R. Pearce

Assistant Secretary - Mr S Michell

Treasurer - Mr J.H. Mayne

Committee - Messrs. Cara, Teague, Nicholls, Trenerry and Davey

There was also a Philanthropic Society established at Carharrack, since removed to St Day ; and other Miners Clubs at St Day, Carharrack, and Lanner.


In this parish the celebrated "Gwennap Pit" is situated, in the hill side of Carn Marth, where the Rev. John Wesley preached to a vast number of hearers, and which is still the resort of many thousands of visitors on Whit-Monday from all parts of the county, to hear a sermon by some distinguished Wesleyan preacher.  

John Wesley described it in 1766, as "a round green hollow, gently shelving down about fifty feet deep, two hundred feet across one way and three hundred the other." Three times in his journal he mentions of having there preached to "full twenty thousand persons, who listened attentively, and the weather being calm, all could hear with ease."

It has since been altered and enclosed; on each side is a gate and a stairway of turf leads to the top. From edge to bottom are continuous rounds of grassy seats below each other, and when filled as it generally is every Whit-Monday, by an attentive and well dressed congregation of several thousands, it is an interesting and pleasing sight. For many hours on these days, the lanes leading to the Pit, are thronged by pedestrian, and conveyances packed full of visitors from every part of the county, who hasten there either to listen to some pulpit celebrity, or to view the vast assembly.

Long before the time for service, the Pit is crowded to excess and frequently outside, earnest minded men may be seen endeavoring to speak "a word in season" to the assembled crowds. Could John Wesley revisit this his favorite resort on a Whit-Monday, he would undoubtedly feel highly gratified.

Gwennap Directory by Name 1866

Andrew, Samuel, The Cornish Arms Inn, Church, St Day

Andrew, Thomas, Grocer. Centre, Carharrack.

Andrew, Thomas, Farmer, Penance.

Andrew, William Farmer Tresamble.

Andrew, Mrs Zaccheus, Lady, Church St., St Day

Annear, David, Grocer, Higher Trevethan.

Annear, William, Mine Agent, Church St., St. Day.

Annear, William, Engineer, Higher Trevethan.

Apps, Richard, Shoemaker, Scorrier St., St Day.

Arthur, Samuel P. Surgeon, Vogue


Bailey, Ann Grocer, Church Town, Gwennap

Bailie, William, Steward, Trevince

Bannister, Rev John, Incumbent, Parsonage House St. Day.

Barnett, George, Grocer, Lanner Moor.

Barnett, Jane, Confectioner, Church St., St Day

Barnett, John, Grocer, and Drape, Crofthandy.

Barnett, Mary Jane, grocer, Carharrack

Barnett, Sally, Grocer, Frogpool.

Barratt, Hugh, Grocer and beer seller, Little Beside

Barratt, William, Farmer, Trevarth.

Bawden, Charles. Mine Broker, Poldice House, St Day

Bawden, James, Farmer, Tolcarne

Bawden, John, Grocer, Auctioneer and Schoolmaster Scorrier St, St Day

Bawden, John, Mason, St Day Road, Carharrack

Bawden, John, Retired, Scorrier

Bawden, Jonathan, Relieving Officer, North Road, St Day

Bawden, Thomas, Farmer, Trevarth

Benbow, Jane, Green Grocer, Market St, St Day

Bennets, Eliza, Farmer, Hick’s Mill.

Bennetts, Elizabeth, Hotel Keeper, Market St, St Day

Bennetts, William, Dairyman, North Road St Day

Bettison, Henry. Carpenter. Long Row, Carharrack

Blamey, Catherine, Shoe Dealer, Carharrack

Blamey, James, Retired, Hick’s Mill

Blamey, John, Mine Agent, Sparry Bottom

Blamey. Louisa, Grocer and Draper, Lower Cusgarne

Blamey, Philip, Merchant, Lower Cusgarne

Blamey, Philip, Butcher, Sparry Bottom

Blamey, Thomas, Mine Agent, Lanner Moor

Blamey, Thomas Tailor, Carharrack

Bosanko, John, Farmer, Trespose

Bray, Eliza, Housekeeper, Carharrack

Bray, Henry, Builder, Vogue

Bray, Hugh, Farmer, Hick’s Mill

Bray, James, Mine Broker, Lanner

Bray, John, Smith, Crofthandy

Bray, Rufus W, Clerk, Trevarth

Brown, John, Mine Agent, Tolcarne

Brown, Rev Samuel, Wesleyan Minister, Chapel House Carharrack

Brown. William, Farmer, Cusgarne Common

Brown, William, Hind, Tregullow

Bunt, Ann, Housekeeper, St Day Road, Carharrack

Buzza, John, Retired Builder, St Day Road


Cara, Thomas, Schoolmaster and Church Organist, Church St, St Day

Carbis, Henry, Carpenter, Market St, St Day

Cannon, Nicholas, Grocer, Trevarth

Carlyon, Henry, Farmer, Trevarth

Champion, Richard, Shoemaker and Post Master, Carharrack

Christophers, Harriet, Grocer, Busveal

Chynoweth, Joanna, Grocer West End, St Day

Chynoweth, John, Tailor, Market St, St Day

Clarke, Joseph, The ‘Commercial Inn’, Lanner

Clinnack, Richard, Grocer and Butcher, Frogpool

Cock, Joseph, Mine Agent, Crofthandy

Coles, Re James, Bible Christian Minister, Hick’s Mill

Collett, James, Draper and Tea Dealer, Scorrier St, St Day

Collins, John, Farmer, Pulla

Combellack, John Grocer, Lanner

Corfield, Thomas, J.T. Chemist and Druggist Church St, St Day

Cornelius. Jno. Gardener, Tregullow

Cornish, Susan, Grocer, Frogpool

Cornish, Thomas. Farmer, Pulla

Coombes, Alice, Housekeeper, Tregullow

Curtis, John, Builder, Comford

Curtis, Maria, Grocer Vogue

Curtis, Robert, Gardener, Treskerby


Davey, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, Ninnis

Davey, James. Butcher, Lanner Moor

Davey, Jane, Grocer, Market St, St Day

Davey, John, Butcher, Ninnis

Davey, John, Sen, Mine Agent, Busveal

Davey, John, Jun. Mine Agent, Busveal

Davey, Mark, Grocer, Market St, St Day

Davey, Simon, Mine Agent, Penance

Davey, William, Clerk, Ninnis

Davis, Charles, Retired, Rose Hill

Davis, John, Farmer, Cusgarne Common

Davis Thomas, Farmer, Carnmarth

Dennis, Richard, Hairdresser, Scorrier St, St Day

Downing, John, Tea Dealer, Simmons St., St Day

Downing, William, Grocer, Scorrier St, St Day

Dryden, Richard, Retired Miner, Tolcarne

Dunn, John, Grocer, Carharrack.

Dunn, William, Engineer. Long Row Carharrack

Dunstan, Chas. Tea Dealer. Frogpool

Dyer, John, Agent, Carnmarth


Edwards, John, Grocer, Church St, St Day

Endean. Jane, Housekeeper, Ninnis.

Evans, John, Essayer, Penance,

Evans, John, Farmer, Trevarth


Faull, John, Butcher, Lanner

Francis, Ann, Grocer, Church, St, St Day


George, Caleb, Baker and Confectioner, Market St, St Day

George, Jane, Grocer, Carharrack

Gerrans, Jeremiah, Grocer, Sunny Corner

Gilbert, William, Builder, Scorrier

Gluvias, John, Retired Miner, Lanner

Goldsworthy, John, Grocer and Carpenter, Church St, St Day

Goldsworthy, Richard, mine Agent, Carnmarth

Goldsworthy, Thomas, Herb and Ginger Beer Manufacturer Little Carharrack

Gould, Edward, Farmer, Merry Meeting

Gould, John Nicholas, Mine Broker, Higher Row, Carharrack

Gray, Catherine, Farmer Twelveheads

Gray, James, Mine Agent, Church St, St Day

Gray, Samuel, Grocer and Beer Seller, Lanner

Gregor, Mary, Housekeeper, Treviskey

Gregor, Thomas, Retired Miner, Goongumpas

Green. Richard, Schoolmaster, Trevarth

Grey, Esther Ann, Milliner, Scorrier St, St Day

Guy, Benjamin, Grocer, Carharrack


Halse, Edmund, Commission Agent, Ting Tang

Halse, James, Grocer and Tailor, Carharrack

Ham, James, The ‘Miners Arms’ Crofthandy

Hamlyn, Eliza, Dressmaker, Market St, St Day

Hamlyn, William Jones, Postmaster, Market St, St Day

Harris, Edward, Grocer, Church St, St Day

Harris, Joel, Mine Agent, Scorrier

Harries, Temperance, Housekeeper, Long Row Carharrack

Hart, Richard, Retired, Higher Trevethan

Harwood, Sarah, Farmer, Church Town, Gwennap

Harvey, Edward, Saddler, Scorrier St, St Day

Hawke, Edward, Sen., Rope Manufacturer, Tolgullow

Hawke, Edward, Jun., Rope Manufacturer, Tolgullow

Hawke, Edward & Co., Safety Fuse Manufacturers, Little Beside

Hawke, John. Painter, Glazier and Oilman, Market St., St Day

Hawke, John, Smith, Vogue Terrace, St Day

Hawke, Thomas, Plumber, Scorrier, St, St Day

Hawken, John, Retired Schoolmaster, Trevarth

Head, James, Grocer, Lanner

Henwood, John, Smith, Merry Meeting

Hichens, Henry, Farmer and Ship Owner, Pulla

Hichens, John, Clerk, Carnmarth

Higgins, James, Mine Agent, Carn Marth

Higgins, Joseph, Mine Agent, Crofthandy

Hodge, Daniel Smith, Vogue,

Hodge, James, The ‘Britannia Inn’ West End, St Day

Holman, John. Mine Agent, Long Row, Carharrack

Holman, John, Engineer, St Day Road, Carharrack

Hooker. Joseph, Smith, Chapel Terrace, Carharrack

Hooper, Thomas, Cusgarne Common

Hurden, Rev John D. Curate, Trevarth


Iliff [see Joliff?] George, Grocer, Hick’s Mill


Jacka, John, Confectioner, Market St, St Day

Jacka, Joseph, Baker and Confectioner, Church St, St Day

James, John, Grocer, Lanner

Jeffery, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, Carnmarth

Jeffrey, John, Retired Grocer, St Day Road, Carharrack

Jewell, Joseph. Mine Agent, Vogue

Job, Nicholas, Farmer, Lanner

Johns, George, Mine Agent, Sparry Bottom

Johns, Thomas Tea Dealer Lower Trevethan

Jones, Thomas, Van Proprietor, Vogue Terrace, St Day

Jose, William, Farmer, Higher Trevethan

Jory, Nicholas, ‘Fox & Hounds’ Inn, Comford

Jory, Nicholas, Builder, Comford

Juliff, Charles, Farmer, Carnmarth

Juliff, George, Grocer, Hick’s Mill


Karkeet, George, Farmer, Church Town, Gwennap

Keast, Edward, Roper, Scorrier

Kellow, James, Farmer, Pulla

Kellow, Joseph, Grocer, Frogpool

Kendall, Edward, The ‘Victory Inn’, Twelveheads

Kendall, Jane, Grocer, Carharrack

Kinsman, Benjamin, Farmer and Shoemaker, Cusgarne Common

Kinsman, George, Retired Miner, Vogue

Kinsman, James, Mason,, North Road, St Day

Kinsman, James, Builder, Scorrier St, St Day

Kinsman, John & William, Builders, Simmons St, St Day

Kinsman, John Jun, Mason, Simmons St, St Day

Kinsman, Simon, Mason, Simmons St, St Day

Knuckey, John, Mine Agent, Higher Trevethan

Knuckey, Mary, Grocer, Frogpool

Kneebone, Thomas, Farmer, Carnmarth


Leach, William, Mine Agent, Long Row, Carharrack

Lean, Anthony, Mine Agent, Penance

Lean, James, Grocer, Fox’s Row Carharrack

Lean, John, Retired Mine Agent, Carharrack

Lean, Samuel, Mine Agent, Lanner

Letcher, James, Glazier, North Road, St, Day

Letcher, William Henry, Builder, North Road, St Day

Leverton, John. Gardiner, Chapel St, St Day

Lewis, George, Coachman, Church St, St Day

Loam, Michael, Engineer, Treskerby

Luke, John, Grocer, Scorrier St, St Day

Luke, William, Carrier, Simmons St, St Day


Magor, Richard, Retired Mine Agent, Goongumpas

Manley, John, Carrier Goongumpas

Mardon, Elizabeth, The ‘King’s Arms Inn’ Market St, St Day

Martin, Charlotte, Housekeeper, Carharrack

Martin, Dennis, Butcher, Sunny Corner

Martin, Henry, Farmer, Church Town, Gwennap

Martin, James, Farmer, Tolcarne

Martin, William, Green Grocer, Lanner,

Matthews, Benjamin, Mine Purser, Church St, St Day

Matthews, John, Chemist & Druggist, Carharrack

May, Abraham, Greengrocer & Farmer, Fern’s Plat

May, Peter, Shoemaker, Scorrier St, St Day

Mayne, John, Mine Agent, Tolgullow

Michell, Blanche, Housekeep, Sparry Bottom

Michell, George, Surgeon, Vogue Terrace, St Day

Michell, John, Clerk, Treviskey

Michell, John, Farmer, Treviskey

Michell, Mary, Housekeeper, Tolcarne

Michell, Nanny, Housekeeper, St Day Road, Carharrack

Michell, Richard, Merchant, Little Beside

Michell, Richard G, Shoemaker, Scorrier St, St Day

Michell, Thomas, Tailor & Outfitter, Scorrier St, St Day

Michell, William, Retired, Lower Trevethan

Middleton, Henry, Steward, Comford

Millet, Lydia, Draper, Carharrack

Mills, William, Shoemaker, Scorrier St, St Day

Mitchell, JOHN, mine Agent, Carnmarth

Mitchell, John, The ‘Steam Engine Inn’, Carharrack

Mitchell, Joseph, Butcher, Frogpool

Morcom, Henry, Rate Collector, Sunny Corner

Morcom, Henry, Mine Agent, Long Row, Carharrack

Morcom, Mark, Grocer, Carharrack

Morcom, William, Mine Agent, Carnmarth

Morcom, William, Grocer, Sunny Corner

Moyle, George, Grocer and Farmer, Fern’s Plat

Moyle, George, Farmer, Frogpool

Moyle, Samuel, Parish Sexton. Church Town, Gwennap

Murley, Edward, Grocer, Crofthandy


Newton, Edward, Jeweller & Mathematical Instrument Maker, Market St, St Day

Nicholas, Jane, Farmer, Church Town, Gwennap

Nicholas, Edward, Grocer, Frogpool

Nicholas, James, Framer, Tretharrup

Nicholls, John, Butcher, West End St Day

Nicholls, Thomas, Gamekeeper, Scorrier,

Northey, Jeremiah, Farmer, Consols

Notwell, James, Farmer, Higher Trevethan

Notwell, John. Farmer, Busveal


Oates, William Butcher & Farmer, Hick’s Mill

Odgers, Josiah, Farmer, Trebowling

Odgers, William, Assayer, Lanner

Opie, John, The ‘Six Bells Inn’, Church Town, Gwennap

Paddy, Philip, Miller, Frogpool

Pascoe, George, Farmer, Higher Cusgarne

Pascoe, Joseph, Farmer, Lower Cusgarne

Pascoe, William Farmer, Lower Cusgarne

Paynter, John, Manure Merchant, Hicks Mill

Paynter, Richard, Gardner, Trevince

Pearce, Henry, Painter and Oilman, West End, St Day

Pearce, John R, Clerk, Long Row, Carharrack

Pearce, Julia, Housekeeper, Vogue

Pelmear, George, Retired Agent, Higher Row, Carharrack

Pelena, John, Letter Carrier, Pengreep

Pengelly, Elizabeth, Grocer and Postmistress, Scorrier

Penna, Prudence, Van Proprietor, North Road, St Day

Penrose, John, Carrier and Farmer, Fern’s Plat

Penrose, William, Butcher, Carharrack

Petherick, Elizabeth Jane, Milliner, Scorrier St, St Day

Phillips, Hugh, Farmer, Manorwiden,

Phillips, Joel, Retired Miner, Penponds

Polkinghorn, Samuel, miller, Higher Cusgarne

Polkinghorn, Thomas, Shoemaker, Market St, St Day

Pope, Joanna, Greengrocer, West End, St Day

Potter, Henry, Shoemaker and Engineman, Chapel St, St Day

Powning, Richard, Grocer and Draper, Market St, St Dau

Prater, William W., Shoemaker, Carharrack

Provis, James, Ironmonger, Market St, St Day

Prowse, Emma, Schoolmistress, Scorrier

Pryor, Athanasius, assayer, Lanner Moor

Pryor, Honor, Housekeeper, Long Row, Carharrack

Pryor, Jane, Schoolmistress, Long Row, Carharrack

Pryor, Thomas, Engineer, Long Row, Carharrack

Puckey, John, Gardener, Scorrier


Rabey, John, Mine Agent, Scorrier

Rabey, Martin, Retired, Scorrier

Ralph, Abraham, Clerk, Higher Trevethan

Ralph, Josiah, Mine Agent, Carnmarth

Rapson, Elizabeth, Farmer, Tresamble

Reed, Andrew, Farmer, Trethellan

Reed, Edward. Farmer, Trevarth

Reed, George, Grocer, Lanner Moor

Reed, Thomas, Farmer, Lanner Moor

Reed, William, Mine Agent, Fox’s Row, Carharrack

Richards, Grace, Green Grocer, Scorrier St, St Day


Richards, James, The ‘Miner’s Arms’ Consols

Richards, John, Carpenter, Long Row Carharrack

Richards, John, Grocer, Lanner

Richards, Thomas, Shoemaker, Comford

Richards, Thomas, Shoemaker, Lanner Moor

Richards, William, Coal Dealer, Lanner

Roberts, John Veal, Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk, Church Town, Gwennap

Robson, Robert, Copper Company’s Accountant, Penponds

Rogers, Philip, Assayer, Burnwithian House, St Day

Rogers, Rev Saltren, Vicar, Vicarage, Church Town, Gwennap

Rooke, John, Tailor & Outfitter, Carharrack

Rooke, Richard, Tailor & Draper, Scorrier St, St Day

Renowden, John, Wheelwright, Scorrier

Rowe, Nicholas, Grocer, Comford

Rowe, Thomas, Butcher, Lanner

Rowse, James, Farmer, Cusgarne Common

Rowse, John, Miller, Hick’s Mill

Rowse, Thomas, Farmer, Carnmarth

Sampson, James, Stationer, Carharrack

Seldon, Thomas, Hind, Pengreep

Sims, Hugh, Clerk, Tregullow

Sims, Thomas, Hairdresser, Scorrier St, St Day

Simmons, William, Farmer, Higher, Cusgarne

Skewes, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, Trevarth

Skewes, John, Retired, Little Carharrack

Skewes, Mary Ann, Milliner, Church St, St Day

Skewes, Richard, Druggist and Postmaster, Lanner

Skinner, Martin, Clerk, Little Carharrack

Skinner, Richard, Printer & Stationer, Church St, St Day

Sleeman John, The ‘Victory Inn’ Consols

Smitheran, Nicholas, Farmer, Lanner

Sowden, George, Miller, Hick’s Mill

Spargo, Thomas, Hind, Scorrier

Stephens, John, Farmer, Frogpool

Stephens, Richard, Farmer, Frogpool

Stevens, Joseph, Farmer, Vogue

Stribley, George, Butler, Pengreep

Symons, Richard, Schoolmaster, Long Row, Carharrack


Teague, Edwin, Retired, Long Row, Carharrack

Teague, Edwin, butcher, Market St, St Day

Teague, Honor, Dressmaker, Scorrier St, St Day

Thomas, James, Beer Seller, Scorrier St, St Day

Thomas. James, Mine Agent, St Day Road, Carharrack

Thomas, John, The ‘Market Inn’ Church St, St Day

Thomas, John, The ‘Star Inn’, Vogue [in Redruth Parish]

Thomas, Richard, Jeweller, Scorrier St, St Day

Thomas, William, Mine Agent, Tolcarne

Tonkin, William, Shoemaker and Emigration Agent, Lanner

Towan, James, Insurance and Emigration Agent, Carharrack

Towan, Mary, Grocer, Carharrack

Toy, Paul. Mine Agent, Higher Trevethan

Trebilcock, Davies, Mine Agent, Lanner

Trebilcock, Paul, Glazier & Oilman, Chapel Terrace, Carharrack

Trebilcock, Richard, Glazier & Oilman, Carharrack

Trebilcock, William & Sons, Builders, St Day Road, Carharrack

Trebilcock, Williams, Photographer, Scorrier St, St Day

Tregellas, William, retired Miner, West End, St Day

Tregoning, Elizabeth, The ‘Pick & Gad’. Treskerby

Tregoning, Elizabeth, Grocer, Lanner Moor

Tregoning, Elizabeth, Housekeeper, Consols

Tregoning, Henry, Farmer, Twelveheads

Tregoning, James, Clerk, Tregullow

Tregoning, Solomon, Grocer, Lanner

Tregoning, Thomas, Miller, Point Mills, Fern’s Plat

Tregoning, William, Assayer, Carnmarth

Trembath, James, Farmer, Ninnis

Trengove, Jane, Grocer, Frogpool

Trengove, Charles, Gardener, Market St, St Day

Trengove, Thomas, Farmer, Trebowling

Trengove, Samuel, Smith, Scorrier St, St Day

Trenerry, Abraham, Grocer, and Farmer. Fern’s Plat

Trenerry, John, Linen & Woollen Draper, Market St, St Day

Trestrail, Mary Ann, The ‘Cornish Arms’ Frogpool

Trevillian, William, Grocer, Fox’s Row, Carharrack

Trewartha, Elisha, Clerk. Tregullow

Trewartha, Mark. Mine Agent. Little Carharrack

Trewartha, Thomas, ‘Hare & Hounds’. Scorrier

Treweek, Walter, Clerk, Penance

Treweek, Walter Jun., Assayer, Penance

Treweek, William, Clerk, Penance

Truran, James, Mine Agent Lanner Moor

Tucker, Edmund, Beauchamp, Gentleman Trevince

Tucker, Rev John, Curate Lanner


Veall. Henry, Farmer, Trebowling

Veal, Henry, Smith, St Day Road, Carharrack

Veal, John, Watch & Clock Maker, Church St, St Day

Verran, James, Carrier, Crofthandy

Verran, John, Farmer, Pulla

Verran, Martin, Farmer, Lower Cusgarne

Verran, Nicholas, Farmer, Hick’s Mill

Verran, Thos. Farmer. Hick’s Mill

Vivian, Philippa, Milliner, Simmons St, St Day

Vinnicombe, Jane, housekeeper, Tregullow

Vine, John, Mine Broker, Crofthandy


Wheeler, Rev Henry, Primitive Methodist Minister, Chapel St, St Day

Whitburn, Edwin, Agent, Little Carharrack

Whitburn, Nancy, Grocer, Market St, St Day

Whitburn, Simon, Mine Agent, St Day

Whitburn, William, Mine Agent, Market St, St Day

White, William, Farmer, Busveal

Whitford, Charles, Assayer, and Registrar of Births & Deaths, Treviskey

Williams, Edward, Clerk, Tolgullow

Williams, James, Grocer, Vogue Terrace, St Day

Williams, James, Grocer, Frogpool

Williams, John, Builder, Chapel Terrace, Carharrack

Williams, John Michael & Company’s Copper Office, Merry Meeting

Williams, John Michael, Gentleman, Pengreep

Williams, Joseph, Farmer, Carnmarth

Williams, Nicholas, Grocer, Lanner Moor

Williams, Stephen, innkeeper, Lanner More

Williams, William, Gentleman, Tregullow,

Williams, William, Carrier & Farmer, Fern’s Plat

Willoughby, John, Smith, Lanner

Wilton, William Henry, Jeweller, Church St, St Day


Winn, William, Stonecutter, Carnmarth

Woolcock, Thomas, Grocer, and Shoemaker, Frogpool


Yandall, Joseph, Grocer and Stationer, Market St, St Day

Yeoman, John, Shoemaker, Market St, St Day

Youlton, Samuel grocer, Scorrier Street, St Day