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Cemetery, Graves, Graveyard, Monument

Gwennap Burials  1816 -

With thanks to Sandra Love

Burial for Gwennap parish (LDS film 1471787) - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Symonds Honour Wheal Rose 12th Dec 1816 aged 1yr no 476 page 204 -

Blamey Ann No 477 Redruth parish 15th Dec 1816 aged 75 yrs(mine I think) page 204

Richards Mary no 478 Wheal Virgin 15th Dec 1816 aged 2yrs page 204

homas Mary- no 479 Tresavean 15th Dec 1816 aged 1yr page 204

Dyer John no 480 Cusgarn Common 25th Dec 1816 aged 60yrs page 204

Williams Grace no 481 Lannar Common 3rd Jan 1817 aged 32 yrs page 204

Billings Pierce no 482 Lannar 7th Jan 1817 aged 71yrs -page 204

Hitchins Sarah no 483 (W) St Day 8th Jan 1817 aged 72yrs page 204

Bullen Ann no 484 Tresadders 21st Jan 1817 aged 12yrs page 204

Berriman John no 485 Redruth Parish 23rd Jan 1817 aged 18yrs page 204

Lemon george no 486 Shilstone 29th Jan 1817 aged 68yrs page 204

Trebilcock Elizabeth no 487 St Day 30th Jan 1817 aged 1yr page 204

Nicholis William no 488 ( Miner W) Carva???? 7th Feb 1817 aged ?? page 204

Burials for Gwennap parish 1819( LDS Film 1471787)

Perry Elizabeth no 799 Hick's 21st July 1819 aged 2yrs

Harris Jane no 800 Hick's 27th July 1819 aged 103yrs

Moyle John no 801 Parish of Kenwyn 30th July 1819 aged 69

Treweek John no 802 Ferney-splat 1st August 1819 aged 37yrs

Richards Martin no 803 Lower_ Town 11th Aug aged 14yrs

Perry Amey no 804 Penstreuthell 15th Aug 1819 aged 73yrs

Woon, Bartholomew no 805 Parish of St Agnes 17th Aug 1819 aged 68yrs

Bedonna, Mary no 806 St Day 20th Aug 1819 aged 15yrs

 Rule, Richard no 807 Parish of St Agnes 26th Aug 1819 aged 33yrs

Manley Marian no 808 Parish of Sy Agnes 2nd Sept 1819 aged 3yrs

Renfrey Thomas no 809 Parish of Kea 5th Sept 1819 aged 40yrs

Pearce John no 810 Lower -Town 6th sept 1819 aged 7weeks

Martin James no 811 Pennance 7th Sept 1819 aged 2yrs

Collins Sophia no 812 Parish of Kea 9th Sept 1819 aged 1yr

 Kinsman Melchisedek no 813 St Day 13th Set 1819 aged 53yrs

Oats Phillip no 814 Parish of Perranarworthal 16th Sept 1819 aged 34yrs

Tregonning William no 815 Trevethan 24th Sept 1819 age 50yrs

Whitford James no 816 Lanner 28th Sept 1819 aged 11yrs

 Jose William no 817 Lanner 3rd oct 1819 aged 21yrs


From LDS film no 1471787


HENWOOD James ( Miner A) no 1655 Gwennap Oct 18th age 47

WILLIAMS Matilda no 1656 Gwennap Oct 19th age 2yrs

ALLEN Mary no 1657 Gwennap Oct 21st aged 5yrs and 6months

PANHALEUINEK Abraham no 1658 Gwennap Oct 24th aged 28yrs

GREY Zacharias no 1659 Gwennap Oct 28th aged 53yrs

BAWDEN James no 1660 Gwennap number altered Oct 26th aged 62yrs

HART Richard no 1661 number altered Gwennap Oct 25th aged 53 yrs

BRAY Hugh ( YEOMAN W) no 1662 Coombe Gwennap Oct 28th aged 72yrs

MOYLE Mathew no 1663 St Annes Oct 21st age 16months

GEORGE Alice no 1664 Redruth Oct 21st 36 yrs

PEDERSON Neils no 1665 Trevarth Gwennap Nov 2nd 30yrs ( Dane By Birth )

BILLING Anne no 1666 St Agnes Nov 6th aged 4yrs

CHEGNOWTH Thomas no 1667 Nenwin Nov 8th 1yr 4 months

JOB Jane no 1668 Perranaworthal Nov 8th aged 38yrs

BARGWANNA James no 1669 Carharrack Gwennap aged 12yrs

MITCHEL John no 1670 Gwennap Nov 10th aged 2yrs

LEAN Samuel no 1671 Pennance Gwennap Nov 14th aged 1 month

JEFFERY Joseph no 1672 Chace Water Nov 18th aged 3yrs

PETERS Margaret no 1673 Lannar Gwennap Nov 20th aged 77yrs


Film  1471787 -  page 174


CORNISH Thomas no 570 ( Measles) Combe 18th Oct Infant 

POLKINORN Johanna no 571 Measles Frog Pool Gw 22Oct aged 2yrs 

JOSE Peter no 572 Killed by bursting of a steam engine. Carmarthe 28th Oct aged 29yrs 

COLLINS William no 573 Consumption, Pennace Gw 28th Oct aged 69yrs 

GRIBBLE Lavina no 574 Hooping Cough, Goon gumpas Gw 28th Oct aged 2yrs 

POLLARD Samuel no 575 Cnsumption. Wheal Forture ( Yeoman A 1834) 30th Oct aged 58yrs 

BAILEY John no 576 Copnsumption. Carharrack Gw 31st Oct aged 37yrs 

VINCENT Nicholas no 577 Consumption, Rough St Gw 2nd Nov aged 55yrs 

TREWARTHA Elizabeth no 578 Consumption trevethan Gw 9th nov aged 3yrs 

SKEWES Christian no 579 Consumption Chenhale Gw 7th Nov aged 63yrs 

JENKIN Henry no 580 Worm fever Tod Pool Kenwyn 9th Nov aged 2yrs 6mths 

TREGELLAS Elizabeth no 581 after child birth Penventon 11Nov aged 23yrs 

TREWARTHA Phillis no 582 Crofthandy 11th Nov aged 80yrs 

 MARTIN Blanche no 583 Cairn Marth Gw 12th Nov aged 73yrs 

 HARRIS James no 584 Trevarth Gw 12th Nov aged 8yrs 

KNEEBONE Jane no 585 Trevarth Gw 13th Nov aged 5yrs 

BRAY Anne no 586 Carharrack Gw 17th Nov aged 4yrs 

BARNET John no587 ( Killed in Wheal Jewel) Mine Agent A 1835 Cairn Marth Gw 20th Nov aged 41yrs 

HARRIS George no 588 consumption Twelve Heads Gw 24th Nov aged 56yrs _____________________________________________________________________

Burial from LDS film no 1471787

1833- 34 page 175 Gwennap parish.

TONKIN Jane, no 589, Consumption. Cusgarne Gw 26th Nov aged 16yrs.

HITCHENS Mary, no 590, Consumption Tresamble. 29th Nov aged 18yrs.

RODGERS Elizabeth no 591, Pennace. 1st Dec aged 76 yrs.

OATES William no 592, Kenwyn 2nd Dec. aged 8yrs.

MANUEL Anne no 593 (old age) Carharrack 5th Dec aged 80yrs.

BAILEY Richard no 594 Croup Carharrack 10th dec aged 6yrs.

 HITCHENS Almond no 595 ( died in a fit) Lanner 13th Dec aged 36yrs.

MORCOM Eleanor no 596 Carharrack 13th Dec aged 1yr.

KELLOW Jane no 597 Halyemills 17th Dec aged 6yrs.

WILLIAMS Mary Elizabeth no 598 Tregullow 18th dec aged 4mths.

RICHARDS Jane no 599 Frog Pool 19thDec aged 4yrs.

BLAMEY George no 600 Ting Tang Gw 25th Dec aged 7yrs.

BROWN Elizabeth no 601 Hayle Mills 30 th Dec aged 12yrs

STAPLE William no 602( Killed in Consol Mines) Kea 1st Jan 1834 aged 42 yrs.

PASCOE Grace no 603 Consumption Twelve heads. 1st Jan aged 27yrs.

TREWARTHA Peter no 604 ( Rupture of blood vessel) Poldice Gw 2nd Jan aged 25yrs.

 NICHOLAS Richard no 605 ( old age) ( Miner W) Trevarth Gw 8th Jan aged 84yrs

RICHARDS James no 606 Consumption Treworgey 11th Jan aged 54yrs

HART Thomas no 607 Smallpox Ponsanooth St Gluvias 12th Jan aged 8mths _____________________________________________________________________

 Note Calstock burials should have the following entry. CANNON Elizabeth Widow formerly of Gwennap (W) 1833


LDS film no 1471787 page 186


WASELY John no 798 Little Trevince June 18th aged 18yrs

CORNISH James no 799 Trevarth June 19th aged 33yrs

JEFFERY Elizabeth no 800 Carnmarth June 19th aged 22yrs

HODGES Thomas no 801 (Yeoman W 1836) Trevarth 21st June aged 87 yrs

BILLING Joseph no 802 Carharrack 22nd June aged 66yrs

BUZZA John no 803 Carharrack 22nd June aged 57yrs

BRAY Emma Louisa no 804 Cainmarth 24 th June aged 14mths

BRAY William no 805 Poldice GW 28th June aged 5yrs

SPARGO Joanna no 806 Trefry Gluvias 1st July aged 2yrs

Bennett Richard no 807 Cusgarne Gw 2nd July aged 74yrs

COLLINS* Margaret no 808 ( Child birth) Wheal Fortune 3rd July aged 42yrs *Written in margin in pencil " Very poor 9 children Husband no work(Redd-Pec) Latin In brackets. Money was given 29th altered to 28th.

GRAY William no 809 Cairn- marth 8th July aged 2yrs

TREWORTHA Joseph no 810 Carharrack 14th July aged 23yrs

MILLS William no 811 Trevarth 16th July aged 14yrs

BAWDEN James no 812 Lanner Common 19th July aged 23yrs

RABY Elizabeth no 813 Carharrack 24th July aged 16yrs

 IVEY Eleanor no 813 Little Trevince 24th July aged 2mths

CURTIS Jane no 815 Kea 28th July aged 8mths

 JOSE Mary Ann no 816 Craft Handy 29 July aged 5yrs


LDS film no 1471787 Page 243,


OATS John (Mine Agent W) no 1881 Dec 2nd 1843 Trewarth aged 49 yrs

HARVEY Anne no 1882 Twelve heads Dec 3rd 1843 aged 86

ISAAC Elizabeth Morcom no 1883 Sunny Corner Dec 5 th 1843 aged 25yrs.

FRANCIS Mary Louisa no 1884 Carharrack Dec 10th 1843 11weeks.

HAWKE Mary no 1885 Todpool Dec 22nd 1843 aged 57 yrs

 BENNETT James no 1886 Carharrack Dec 27th 1843 aged 10 yrs

MAGOR James no 1887 Redruth Union 2 nd Jan 1844 aged 51 yrs.

GRAY John no 1888 PENSTRUTHEL Jan 12 th 1844 aged 2yrs.

 JEFFERY Mary no 1890 Lannar Jan 16th aged 66yrs

STEWARD Johanna no 1891 Lannar Jan 20th 1844 24 yrs

 GREGOR Mary no 1892 Carharrack Jan 21st 1844 72 yrs

 HARRIS Sarah no 1893 Carnmarth Jan 23rd 1844 aged 78 yrs.

WOOLCOCK John no 1894 Lannar Jan 24th 1844 1 yr +9months

GELLARD Thomas no 1895 Cuskear Jan 27th 1844 56 yrs.

STANAWAY Elijah no 1896 Carnmarth Jan 29th 1844 aged 2 yrs.

 MARTYN Mary no 1897 Carharrack Jan 31st 1844 aged 89 yrs.

 GREGOR William no 1898 Crofthandy Jan 31st 1844 aged 30yrs.

 WILLIAMS Hugh no 1899 Rough St 1st Feb 1844 aged 1yr* Paid written in margin


LDS film no 1471787 - page 244


 PENNELUERICK Elizabeth Ann, 2nd Feb 1844 no 1900 Lanner aged 9yrs

REED Elizabeth, 6th Feb 1844 no 1901 Carnmarth aged 5yrs.

LIGHT Elizabeth 7th Feb 1844 no 1902 Twelveheads aged 80yrs

ANNEAR Priscilla 14th Feb 1844 no 1903 St Day aged 2yrs

BARRET Samuel 19th Feb 1844 no 1904 Poldice aged 10yrs

TREGONING James 20th Feb 1844 no 1905 St Day aged 50yrs

TREWEEK Nancy 22Feb 1844 no 1906 Frensplat aged 88yrs

TREWARTHA Robert 28th Feb 1844 no 1907 Carharrack aged 37yrs

MOYLE Samuel 28th Feb 1844 no 1908 Tresevean aged 21yrs

WILLIAMS Elizabeth 28th Feb 1844 no 1909 Penstruthel aged 10yrs

DENNIS Johanna 29th Feb 1844 no 1910 Coombe aged 56 yrs.

 MORCOM William 3rd March 1844 no 1911 Frogpool aged 36 yrs

 BRAY Grace 8th March 1844 no 1912 Church Town aged 38yrs

GREY James 10th March 1844 no 1913 Cusvey aged 3yrs

GOLDSWORTHY Elizabeth 10th March 1844 no 1914 Little Trevince aged 61 yrs

MORCOM Henry (Miner left Will) 11th March 1844 no 1915 Sunny Corner aged 75yrs

EDWARDS Jane 18th March 1844 no 1916 Parish of Kea aged 11yrs

OXFORD Harriet 19th March 1844 no 1917 Baldhuin in Kea aged 22yrs

TREWARTHA Sebastion 20th March 1844 no 1918 Carharrack aged 48yrs. ______________________________________________________________________